Traffic Ticket Extensions in California

Traffic ticket extensions are postponements of the original due date on a citation.  In California, based on the information below, it is at the courts discretion when, how, why and for how long they will accept a traffic ticket extension.

With Los Angeles Superior Court Traffic Online Services, an automobile driver with traffic tickets can request 30 day traffic ticket extensions for each.  However, some violations are not eligible for an extension.  Eligible reasons for an extension in Los Angeles County include:

It appears that the Orange County Clerk of Courts will grant traffic ticket extensions without restriction (although we could not step all the way through the process as we did not have an actual citation number to insert into their website).

In Glenn Court, California, here’s their much more strict policy on traffic ticket extensions.  However they grant traffic ticket extensions for four months:

Q: How can I get an extension? 
If eligible, individuals receiving a moving violation have approximately 4 months from the violation date to complete Traffic School. Accordingly, no extensions will be granted by the clerks., a service provided by, the original Ticket Busters in California, catering to thousands of customers, has just one question.  Why go through the hassle of filing for an extension?  If you have received a traffic ticket, what will an extension do?  Why not just begin the process today to have the traffic ticket dismissed?  Ok so that was actually three questions.

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