How to Beat a Ticket at a Stop Sign in California

Whether you call it a “Failure to Stop”, “Rolling Through a Stop Sign”, a “CVC 22450(a)”, “Running a Stop Sign”, “Stop Sign Violation”,  “Rolling Right” (where you make a right turn at a stop sign without coming to a full stop before the crosswalk), “Failure to Obey a Stop Sign”, “California Stop”, or our favorite a “stoptional” , chances are you have landed on this page because you or a loved one has been cited in California for a ticket at a stop sign.

If you are doing any type of research online, you will immediately get search engine listings for:

(1) Stop Sign Attorney’s (have you ever heard of a law degree for ‘stop signs’?),

(2) retired court officer’s and CHP peddling their books (downloadable PDFs) professing they can tell you the one loophole to beat a ticket for stop sign violations, and

(3) plenty of free advice from other well-meaning citizens who want to share their stories in hopes that they may help you beat your stop sign ticket.

(4) even political advocates. As an example, on someone asks:  How much does a rolling stop ticket in California cost?

Answer: $381 in Alameda and Orange counties, plus other fees, totaling $410, plus traffic school!!! It's a robbery! In the meantime, the political focus at is to get the legislature to reduce the fine for rolling right tickets to a more appropriate $20 or $30 (including all fees). Everyone who has a rolling right ticket is asked to call their state legislators (assemblyperson and state senator) AND their auto club.

If you are sick of weeding through all this information to find the right solution, you have reached the right page.  Our method speaks for itself.  We present our information in concise and easy-to-understand language without all the sales pitches and political bureaucracy.

We know you are a busy Californian who simply wants to find the safest, fastest and cheapest way to deal with this stop sign violation without damaging your driving record, costing you a fortune or wasting a ton of your valuable time (by researching, reading EBooks or spending hours in court). 

Here’s how:

We guarantee that your ticket may be dismissed or reduced or you pay nothing for our services (subject to our guarantee terms and conditions). Our process allows us to bust your ticket on your behalf.

The simple process:

Select the "Bust My Ticket" menu option above. Complete and submit the information requested
Once the information is submitted, one of our representatives will contact you within 48 hours to begin the process. You will need to send us a few documents, information and fees that we can go over with you.

We will submit all documents to the court on your behalf so you don't have to go to court. The court will notify you directly within 30-90 days as to the disposition of your case.

Remember, we guarantee that your ticket will be dismissed or reduced using our system and we offer a money-back guarantee (subject to our terms and conditions).

So forget the research!  Pick up the phone and call one of our experts today at 800.850.8038, explore this site in more detail or visit our parent company site at We will beat that California ticket for a stop sign violation!

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